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1. These dustbags filter up to 99.99% of dust particles out of the air, helping to protect your vacuum's motor.

2. The 8-layer material reliably catches air pollutants - perfect if you suffer from allergies.

3. 9 flow controllers distributes dirt evenly until the bag is completely full, so you won't need to change it as often.

4. The key-lock system makes sure they'll fit seamlessly into your vacuum, trapping dust securely in the bag.

5.  A motor filter and a Super AirClean filter are included in the box to help improve your vacuum's performance.

6. incl. for Complete C2, Complete C3, Classic C1, S8, S5, S2

Miele Quality

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In many countries Miele is the most coveted brand in its branch of industry.

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Miele stands for excellent results combined with the lowest possible energy consumption.



MIELE HyClean Pure GN Vacuum Cleaner Bags - Pack of 4

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